Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am having a crabby week

I decided that I am having a crabby week. Why you ask? Because my stupid health is running my life. I am sick of doctors, pains, pills, co-pays, medical procedures, and all the related stress. I am supposed to be getting better and getting my life back and I have already been to the damn doctor 24 times since January. Yes, some of that was PT but still too many damn trips. You get to a point where even if you are going to the doctor for a relatively minor issue - say skin rash or a PT visit - its a mini trip around the roller coaster and it brings emotions back to the surface. I think one of the best ways to to be stressed out health issues is to stay far away from all medical professionals for an extended period of time. Right now I would be happy with a three month break. But I don't see that happening any time soon. Sometime in my life (like 2 years ago), I could go months without going to the doctor. Now I am there so much I notice when they get new valet parkers at the hospital and when the lady at the pay station for the parking garage gets a new hair style. Enough whining and being crabby for now - but I am sure it will recur.

On today's news there was a story about the President and Vice President stopped for burgers yesterday at a place in Virginia. They stood in line like the rest of the world and paid for their burgers themselves. I think this is great except two things - they need more vegetables. It appears they got burgers with lettuce and tomato but no side salads. They should be setting an example to the American public on eating their 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Also, can you imagine the conversation at the White House with the secret service:
Mr. Obama: "Hey, we want to go for some burgers for lunch. Road trip everybody."

Mr. Secret Service: "I'm sorry, Mr. President but we haven't checked out that place."

Mr. Obama: "What? This is a spontaneous trip, no one will know where we are until we get there."

Mr. SS: "We need to check these places out before you go in. Please wait in the car."

Mr. O: "Make it quick, we need our burgers."

Just a quick glimpse at the human side of the new administration - but they should eat more veggies!

Now it is possible some of my crabbiness is a result of being over scheduled. Today I have work to do at home and then am volunteering all afternoon at a conference before I go to an evening volunteer meeting for another organization. Then tomorrow morning I am volunteering all morning from something like 7 am until 1pm and then will go to work from 1-7 and then pick up Walter at the airport around 9. Perhaps I will be tired on Friday. But I can't be because I have a job interview that I have to prepare for. I definitely see more crabbiness looming here.

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