Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is this good news or not yet good news?

In today's paper, there is an article about testing for blood inflammation can give good information on a breast cancer patient's survival chances. Well, yippee. But then if you keep reading, in the study they didn't take into account the patients age, other health issues, etc. So not so yippee. Its another half done test. So it means squat. Why can't they run a complete test? Grrr.. Just something to get me all steamed up again because its not done. I know if I go ask my doctor about it, I'll get the reply 'it isn't finished yet and still needs more research'. Grr, grr.

Well, yesterday I started my new job. After much dithering about what to wear and what time to leave to ensure I wasn't late on my first day, I got to work on time and completely over dressed. The owners wear golf shirts. I might wear a golf shirt today. I am not sure yet but I will wear a sweater since we are expecting a tropical high of 59 today and its rainy. After I left one job I went to my other job and was exhausted by the time I left - even though I left early. But I went home and dragged my husband out for a short walk - well, I took a short walk, he continued to walk and then ran home.

Today I will work until 1 and then come home and go for a walk (or to the gym if its too rainy) and then go to a volunteer meeting. How exciting. My back hurts. Well that's not exciting either. But then I have no life

Update on kitty: he is still struggling around begging for treats and canned food. He inhales his whole can (which is twice as much as he used to get) in a few nanoseconds and then wants treats. He doesn't want to eat his dry food any more, just treats and canned food (but not that bag of treats, just the other kinds). But it is very difficult to see him struggle around the house. This morning he made it upstairs to our bedroom and jumped up (with difficulty) on the bed. But he doesn't seem like he is in pain or uncomfortable. (Just hungry.)

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