Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why should the government get all the fun?

We are now living with Homeland Security's alert levels. I don't think they should get all the fun. I think we should have stress levels as well. I tried to find the definitions of the alert levels on line but couldn't so here is what I think they are:

Blue - the level we will never go back to unless we have world peace
Green - no major risks, feel free to do what you want
Yellow - the level we will live at and never be able to carry sharp objects or liquids on airplanes
Orange - the scarier level which means we will have to be x-rayed to go on airplans
Red - the really scary level which means we should all move the remote wilderness and become self sufficient.

As a comedian noted recently, what are you supposed to do when the alert level changes? No one knows. They invented these but they never told the general public what they are supposed to do. What are we lemmings? We will blindly follow their directions at the time? I don't know but I do know that I have my own stress levels and I know what to do.

Blue - this is the healthy level, there is nothing wrong with you and you never have to go to the doctor.
Green - you go to the doctor for follow ups for little things occasionally.
Yellow - you have some things wrong with you and get lots of tests
Orange - you have lots of things wrong with you and are waiting for tests so you get to take anti-anxiety meds
Red - you have lots of things wrong with you and are waiting for the results of texts so you get to take lots of anti-anxiety meds.

I think I usually live at the yellow level but this week is the orange level. I have pills. I'll be able to deal unless additional stress happens. Then I don't deal well and get crabby.

Speaking of additional stress, I have decided the cat is playing games with my mind (or what I have left of a mind). First we had the weird eye thing. Then we had the lump on the jaw. This morning he was having problems moving his hind legs. For about 30 seconds that is. While I called the vet. As soon as I hung up, he was walking pretty much fine. We have noticed his back legs and feet seem a little weird recently but for half a minute this morning in the kitchen, he couldn't move them. I called the vet, Walter carried him to the couch, I hung up from the vet, he walked back in to the kitchen for treats. He is playing mind games!!!!

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