Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When everything gets rearranged

So yesterday I had a wonderful time and had a pelvic ultrasound - it was nearly more fun than I deserved. The only advantages to ultrasounds is they are quick and painless. The cold gel is cold but that's about it.

The technician was nice and I assume well trained wherever ultrasound technicians are trained. And I am sure she learned where one's internal organs are supposed to be and what they should look like. But then there are people like me who have had unnecessary ones removed when they started complicating my life (fibroids led to a hysterectomy, gall stones led to a gall bladder-echtomy - yes there is a big word for it but I can't remember the name of it). Obviously my insides must have resettled to fill in the gaps after my spare parts were taken out. I was actually told after my hysterectomy that everything kind of rearranges itself internally after surgery.

This all makes sense but I am sure it complicates the techs lives when they ultrasound people like me. If things are all moved around and not where they should be they must have to play some fun games. 'well, we think her large intestine is this thing here, it should be over there, but that's where her stomach is now'. At any rate, I'll get the results in a few days.

Yesterday I also went to work, took the car to the garage, and met a friend for dinner which was originally scheduled for January - just call us slow. Today I have to walk back to the garage (2 miles) and pick up my car before going to my therapists and then to work. My life is boring.

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Debby said...

When I moved my elliptical trainer from the living room to a spare bedroom ala exercise room, my living room did not rearrange itself to fill the empty place. I had to do that myself. Aren't bodies great?

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