Monday, May 18, 2009

An adventure

Yesterday I went on an adventure. I met some cancer friends up in NH. We had a great lunch (of gigundo portions) and lots of laughs. We are planning a road trip to visit some other cancer friends in October in Indiana. We will now look at plane, car rental, train options and figure it out. All I know is that any number of women with chemobrain on a road trip will require a GPS but someone has one so we are all set in that respect. In picture, front row: Norma Jean, Betsy (Bunky's Mom), Shirley; back row: Ellen (Scarlett), Cindy D., Mia, Kathyann, and me.

Before I went up to see everyone, Walter and I went for a walk. When we left it was sprinkling a little, then it started to pour when we were at the farthest point in our walk, and we walked home upwind in the rain. We were a bit soggy when we got here.

Today is all about stress. Scanxiety too. Mammogram this morning and perhaps it will be clean? That might be nice. Its been two years since I had a clean one. Last one they said: probably benign, six month follow up. Which means they saw things they weren't sure about. I have lots of scar tissue and lots of radiated scar tissue which can cause some confusion. Anyway, I am stressed this morning so I got up early and went for a walk. I have to leave in an hour and have to run around, take a shower, get dressed, and get organized. This fast schedule gives me less time to sit around and stress.

Now I will say the cat is not doing much better. One friend yesterday said that feline diabetes can cause issues with their hind legs so we looked up feline diabetes and he has all the other symptoms. But we would need a blood and urine test to tell and that probably means a trip to the vet and a car ride in his carrier which is total trauma for him. And if it is diabetes, we would have to give him shots once or twice a day for the rest of his life. I hate needles and can't imaging injecting him. Otherwise, he still acts normal, begs for treats, follows me around, and demands attention so we will continue to wait and see.

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