Monday, June 24, 2013

Basic screening tests take on a new meaning after cancer

Most people, by this I mean people who have never had cancer, go to the doctor for check ups and get sent for tests and don't think twice. They get nice negative results sent to them in the mail and they don't think twice about it.

Throw in a few cancer diagnoses, and any screening test takes an ominous turn. Of course any screening test will show that you are doomed. There is  no way you will ever get a clean result again. One test will lead to another which will lead to another which will lead to another and then surgery, chemo, and more and more and more.

Or so the little voices in your head tell you.

It is perfectly acceptable to have little voices in your head after cancer.

Its when they take over all rational thought that you really are screwed. This is why we have psychiatrists, psychologists, and anti-depressants to keep us sane.

However our screening tests still can drive us crazy.

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