Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recovering credibility

Earlier this year Komen announced that they have basically cut in half the number of three day walks they will offer in 2014 - essentially saying they are not doing as well as an organization.

Yesterday they announced they have a new CEO, Dr. Judith A. Salerno, who has a background in medicine as well as in running non profits. I am not sure what Nancy Brinker's background was other than promising her sister to paint the world pink and earn lots of money from donors. Ms Brinker will still be around as Founder and Chair of Global Strategy.

I think the biggest problem Dr Salerno faces is regaining the credibility of the organization by the general public. I know many who have stopped donating to Komen based on the Planned Parenthood flap and the revelation that very little of their money goes to research and the rest goes to awareness, events, and screening and other programs. I no longer volunteer for them - I did for a couple of years and stopped well before the big hoohah last year.

She faces a huge job, one that I don't envy.

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