Friday, June 21, 2013

Cancer is cancer

This is a very interesting video on thyroid cancer and the stigma of having it.

Here's the premise: You are told you have thyroid cancer, you are told its the 'good' cancer and you will be fine. Then it turns nasty, and you feel like you were mislead and go through the whole cancer roller coaster. And you are being treated by an endocrinologist who may not have all the psycho-social support services available in the oncology department. Its the crazy cancer roller coaster.

Let's take it another step.

You are diagnosed with any type of cancer, early stage, and your doctors think you will be okay. You are on the cancer roller coaster but doing fine because treatment wasn't too bad, you did okay and you are doing fine. Then whammo out of the blue, your easy cancer became a not so good cancer and you are not doing well. The crazy cancer roller coaster is hitting you but much worse.

Society is training us that breast cancer, thyroid cancer or whatever are cancers that you get, are treated and move on. But cancer is cancer and that should never be the case. Society is wrong in this case.

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C2 said...

This rings so true with me, on many levels. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (the 'good' one) eighteen years ago. The surgeon that removed the lobe told me in a very happenstance manner as he was removing the stiches. Bewildered doesn't begin to describe how I felt by his lack of empathy. Breast cancer was added to my plate 3.5 years ago.
While I am doing well, the cancer shadow is always with me, at least mentally.

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