Monday, June 3, 2013

I am way behind

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivors Day. How did I miss it? I should get to celebrate twice or something. But I wish it didn't have the S word in the title. How about National People Living With Cancer Day?

Also, this weekend was the ASCO conference. I usually read what is announced each day and now have to catch up.

Here are a few details so far:
There is lots more to read about and I'm sure there will be some big announcements. I have gotten through a few of the sessions so far. The two sources to read are:
So I will start reading them myself and see what I think about them. I am sure there will be many exciting new topics discussed.

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Holly Kay Sparkman said...

Caroline I appreciate your blog and I missed National Cancer Survivors day as well - but I blame it on the lack of publicity :)

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