Saturday, June 15, 2013

Breast cancer over hype

"...breast cancer has become the most heavily promoted disease in this country, women walk in with information, misinformation, strongly held beliefs, opinions, and frequently a literal army of supporters."

 I completely agree with this statement which came from this article which I found to have brought up many thought provoking points. There is no other ailment which has an army of patients, painting the world pink, with the best of intentions, and share good and bad information.

The author, an oncologist with 30 years of practice, concludes with:

"The point is that breast cancer patients are a particular entity, heavily influenced by the media, social networks, and well-meaning friends. They envision themselves as patients, victims, warriors, survivors, experts, activists, victors, and people who just hit a bump in the road and kept moving forward. Pay attention to which one is sitting in front of you."

As you know I have numerous ailments. They all have message boards, support groups, web pages full of information, and all sorts of resources.

None of my other ailments have:
- As many 'warriors'
- Awareness messages on Facebook which want you to post your bra color
- Color coded events
- Arguments over treatment among friends
- As much 'advice' from know it alls who never had the disease.

I meet people all the time with breast and other cancers as well as all sorts of fun ailments. A breast cancer diagnosis turns on the media and the pinkification and takes off. All other ailments seem to have a different effect on the patient. Media influence is a huge part of it.

My advice is pay attention to your doctor's advice.

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