Friday, September 5, 2014

A day at the hospital

Over the past two days I have spent several hours at the hospital (not for me). Sometimes I drive other people there.

It was a bit of visiting cancerland on Wednesday as I was in the infusion area. One of the nurses asked me if it was weird to be back there and brought flashbacks. I said not really as its been long enough. And that is true. I am okay with it and it doesn't bring huge flashbacks. As long as I am not the one in the big chair with the IV in my arm.

Yesterday I was getting us tea in the cafeteria, there was a woman in front of me in line wearing a pink and white striped shirt, with a pink baseball hat over her bald head. She was clearly ready for Pinktober. And comfortable showing the world her ailment.

While waiting in the radiology department, we all got a snicker as a man walked out of the dressing room and brought his shirt and shoes to his wife. I could understand the shirt but not the shoes. Why walk in stocking feet in the hospital? Icky.

Later, in the lobby there was a woman in dressed in a hospital gown at the ATM machine with her IV pole. She was clearly a patient who went out for a walk to get some cash so she could go shopping at the gift shop. (Mental note to self, bring debit card for shopping at next inpatient stay.)

I made some small joke about taking an IV pole out for a daily walk as she went by. She replied with "they don't talk back and you can take them anywhere". Very true.

Enough hospitals for this week. I think all my appointments start next week. Crap.

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