Sunday, September 21, 2014

Call me a moron

Let's start at the beginning. I forgot to blog yesterday. Completely forgot. It slipped my mind completely. But I do have an excuse, we had a small college reunion here yesterday afternoon and I was busy getting ready.

I also am a moron because I lost one of my favorite earrings yesterday at the party. I am still scouring the house  as we speak and hope it will turn up but not very optimistic because it is a small stud earring, but relatively valuable and sentimental as well because my husband gave me the pair.

Next on the list on Friday morning I thought I had a refill on my Tramadol (breakthrough pain medication) but when I went to refill it, the pharmacy told me that because the law changed (and I was supposed to know that how?), it can no longer be automatically refilled because it is one of those kind of medications (meaning it has 'street value' - all good drugs have street value. So I called my pain management doctor and begged to have a refill called in on Friday so I didn't run out over the weekend - this would have made me very cranky for said party.

Usually on Saturday afternoons, my big project is to refill our pill bottles and make sure we are both set for the week. I didn't do that yesterday because of the party. This morning I got up and my first task was to fill our pill boxes. This is when I realized that I don't have enough Lyrica to make it through the week. In fact I have enough for 2.5 days. This is a problem. Lyrica withdrawal is nasty. I did it once before and it was two weeks of hell.

I get Lyrica through mail order because of the cost. It is expensive. Normally it takes at least a week to get a mail order refill. Crap. And its Sunday. So here is my plan:

Step 1 - switch from 2 tablets daily to one a day. That will get me to Friday.
Step 2 - called my pain management doctor again and made another begging phone call to ask for two months supply to mail order AND a five or ten day supply to my local pharmacy for an expensive bandaid to carry me over.

But I won't have an answer until tomorrow to see if I can keep my fibromyalgia under control and avoid Lyrica withdrawal...

I NEVER mess up my meds. I always have a week's cushion built in so I don't run into these problems. 

Yes you can call me a moron for all of this. But I can also blame chemo brain, fibro fog and what ever else I have.

And if you happen to find the earring I lost yesterday, please feel free to let me know.

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