Saturday, September 6, 2014

A very good book

As a cancer person, I am very skeptical of  'cancer' books. After thyroid cancer, it took me years before I could pick up a book about a young person with a life threatening disease or health condition. I remember throwing books that I had been enjoying across the room when I discovered that the story was about their health issue.

Then after breast cancer, I was eager to read my first graphic novel. I can't remember the title but it was about a woman with breast cancer's autobiography as her breast cancer returned and then she died...

So I am very skeptical to say the least.

Earlier this week a Bookbub email wandered into my inbox and offered me a deal on a new book about a woman dealing with breast cancer metastases. I hesitated. I closed the email. I thought about it. I went back later on and said its only $0.99 or maybe even $1.99 and bought it. Then I waited a couple days before reading it, still hesitant.

Then I read it. It was great. Its not long but worth the read. Its funny, sad, happy, depressing, optimistic, scary, compassionate, and a great read.

"In the Mirror" by Kaira Rouda. Go find it. Unfortunately the library doesn't have any more of her books so I might have to resort to the bookstore (eek)!

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