Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are we all braced????

It starts tomorrow. That ugly pink month. Go celebrate Columbus Day, Halloween, apple picking, leaf peeping and other seasonal activities. Go help organizations with their fundraising activities that do not require pink feather boas.

For myself this month I am doing the following:
  • Arranging a luncheon for a non profit that I volunteer with. 
  • Awaiting a back procedure which should relieve a lot of my current pain at the end of the month.
  • Enjoying a family reunion on the coast of the Pacific Northwest - some place I have never been and always wanted to go. (We always have a house/cat sitter while we are gone so burglars, don't even think about it.)
This is what I am not doing:
  • Wearing more pink clothing than I usually do. I like the color pink and have many pink pieces of clothing.
  • Participate in any pinkified event
  • Purchase any non-essential pinkified item.
Will you join me in boycotting pinkified items and events?

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Hello Caroline,

I am a student at Arizona State University, and I'm in a class this semester in which we work with existing businesses to see what we can do to improve their business models. My team is working with a woman named Tiffany Cooper, the founder of realsoulful.com, a social network that strives to have more "soul" and less ego. She was on a vacation with her family and woke up one morning feeling incredibly thankful, but didn't feel like either Facebook or Twitter were the appropriate place to express this feeling; resulting in Real Soulful.

Since this idea came to her at the beginning of the year, she poured $150,000 of savings into the website's development and launch. It is off to an understandably slow start, at only 500 users thus far.

As much as I love the social media outlets that I currently use, I look on Facebook and I think there are a lot of people who would benefit from using Real Soulful either alternatively or in addition to Facebook, twitter, etc. Right now, people often post journal-like statuses on Facebook- things that in my opinion are more for one's personal release and expression than to actually connect with others. Real Soulful is a really cool place to organize those thoughts and express all sorts of emotions, while prompting users to think of things they are grateful for, take note of positive events, etc.

As of right now, all posts shared publicly will go to the website's whole feed (aka all users of the website), but soon there will be a way to filter it down to just your personal connections. What I like more than the public feed, however, is the "sanctuary" section, which is like a personal diary, but you always have the option to share to the public feed as well as to your Facebook if you choose to link the accounts.

Three teams in my class are working with Real Soulful, but my team in particular is trying to aim our concept of the website at Breast Cancer sufferers, survivors, and their families. We would love to hear your opinions about the website, as well as any ideas you have about how we could make Real Soulful successful and if you think there is any potential for revenue through its use.

Obviously you personally have your own ways of getting support and expressing yourself since you have a blog, and you are wonderful at it. I would like to ask your opinion about people who may not be as good with words and expression, if you think they would benefit from and enjoy something like Real Soulful, especially since you have experience with social media marketing and may be able to help us out.

As of now, the site is a bit confusing at first glance, and due to the lack of funds it is on a bit of a pause as far as development, but if you would please go check out the site and give me any thoughts you might have, my team and I would SO appreciate it. We are currently working on a video that will do a bit more explaining about the purpose and use of the site, and I will send that to you as soon as it is finished (hopefully by the time we present our current findings on Thursday).

I'm so sorry for the novel, and I hope you are doing well!

Betty said...

Sorry Caroline you got the novel from Paige, but I guess that is what happens when you have a great blog.

Now, about Pink and October. I have decided to "milk it" for what I can and make it work for me, and I'm saying "no, not awareness, but time to take action".

-lisa said...

I went to the store today and decided to get some turkey at the deli counter.

And there it was a pink ribbon on ... the turkey breast. Um. huh.

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