Friday, July 8, 2016

The Props In My Life

How do I handle my life with its medical disasters? I have all sorts of little props to help me out.

  • I have a high chair in my kitchen. I can sit when I cook so I don't get as tired. Its new. My husband bought it for me when we moved.
  • I have a folding shopping cart for when I go to farmer's markets or any place where I need to carry anything. That way I can actually go places and do some shopping by myself.

  • I have cushions all over the house so I can get comfy when I sit down and can put my feet up.
  • I have a power bed so I can raise the head and feet and get comfy when I lie down.
  • We moved to a raised ranch so I don't have to deal with stairs. It makes my life so much easier. The bedroom isn't upstairs, its just down the hall.
  • I have Butrans pain patches that allow me to function as a human being and not be in pain. These are the only things that allow me to get through my daily life without collapsing or being in so horrible pain. 

Actually the single most important thing that helps me cope are my marvelous, wonderful Butrans pain patches. If you are in chronic pain, try them. Without them I would not be able to function.

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