Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What the Patient's Think

I always applaud research that consider the patient's side of a cancer diagnosis. Honestly how many more research studies do we need on mice that look for new cool drugs (but finding a cancer cure would be a nice thing)? I mean all that research is nice, but I think all us patients would appreciate a bit more information on the impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Face it, when we are diagnosed with cancer, we wonder are we normal in our reactions, treatment plans, dealing with doctors and more. Its normal to wonder "am I the only one freaking out at my doctor?" or "why am I running to the library and surfing the internet to find out what the doctor suggests is all about?".

CancerCare put together a Patient Access and Engagement Report for 2016. I found it very interesting. And it was very nice to know that I wasn't the only one with some reactions and issues.

Just knowing that you are not alone in your thought process can be very comforting.

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