Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today its all about me

I have made a decision (don't laugh - I am capable of deciding things by myself). Today its all about me. I am going to the beach. Its supposed to be hot, near 90 so it will be a perfect beach day. My tan is starting to fade. Actually, I barely tan at all. If I got any color earlier this year, it has faded. A friend once said to me that by the end of the summer, I might look like a french fry.

By averaging a doctor appointment a week, I have no time to get a sunburn and have it fade before I get to a doctor. I would get a lecture if I showed up at an appointment with a sunburn.

But anyway, today its going to be hot so it will be a perfect beach day. I will go the gym first so I can be virtuous. Then I will plant my chair in the sand and sit with my feet in the ocean. After I will go out for clams because that's what we do in New England after the beach - eat seafood, fried seafood that is.

I haven't been to the beach for over a month. Either I haven't had time, or the weather hasn't cooperated, or something else.

I need some time for me. Yesterday I spent all day with friends - one came over for coffee and I met two for lunch and then they came back over here. I had fun but I got really tired. That means when I go to the beach I will just sit. But I will be happy. And that's important.

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