Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another tiny possibility

Okay, there is a tiny possibility I overdid it yesterday according to the rumor mongers around here. But first, here is the latest video of the day. John Cleese on Sarah Palin's ability to run the United States. I do wish to say I don't agree with his labelling of McCain as a cancer survivor. John McCain's medical history has no impact on his ability to be a senator or US president.

Also in the news this morning is a story about how caffeine intake is not shown to cause breast cancer. So we can all now drink our morning coffee in peace.

Yesterday, I went for a walk, planted bulbs, got Walter to dig holes for the last 35 bulbs, and worked from home. I was informed that once again I had Dr Seuss character hair - possibly Yertle the Turtle hair. Today I am working then meeting a friend for a walk and then going to work. I am actually going to work this evening - which means I need to stay awake. I plan to actually focus on doing something to my hair to prevent the Yertle look.

But back to my tiny possibility (I needed to build some suspense), that I might have overdone things yesterday. When my incisions hurt, this is a sign that I have overdone things. But when you over do it, you do sleep very well at night and sleep late in the morning.

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