Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Avoidance Day #7

Yes, today is day seven of avoidance days. So far its working. Today's topic is television. Do you watch too much television? I think this is one of those things like do you floss enough? Is your house clean enough. Honestly, has the dentist ever said 'You floss plenty enough. Don't worry about flossing anymore than you are.' No, they always say 'your teeth are fine but floss more.' Its the same thing with how clean your house is. People always say 'don't mind the mess'. they never say 'my house is too clean'. Even if it is super clean, find a bunch of children and turn them loose in it for 30 seconds, and they will fix that.

I think its the same with TV watching. I just watched the news for 30 minutes. So that would add up to 3.5 hours/week. We also watch Jeopardy 5 nights a week for another 2.5 hours. Then there are a couple shows we like to watch for another 3 hours. Plus a movie or two on Netflix and voila, we are up to 12-14 hours/week. And then maybe a cooking show or two. What about other screen time - on computers for example?

I don't know how much adults are supposed to be limited to but children should get no more than an hour or two of total screen time. We definitely get more than that but we are not children. We also get to watch the cat's share - he snores through it (so we turn up the volume as well).

Because Americans watch so much television, they invented TV Turn Off Week in April each year. This is when we are not supposed to watch any television. I think this should be revised to include all screen time outside of work or homework. Recently, on tv, I noticed all the networks pushing turn on your tv week or something. I was confused by this. Turn off the tv, turn on the tv. Will they make up their minds?

Yesterday, I had a very busy day which was compounded by the fact that I left my cell phone at home so I couldn't call when I was running late or to check messages at home while I was out all day. I even made it to the gym yesterday (and am not too sore today.) Today I will take my phone with me. I have lots to do including a walk, Costco, farmers market, and go into Boston for work. I think that's it but probably not. I made a list - if I could remember where I put it, that would be extremely helpful.

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