Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day. The organizers want all bloggers to blog about poverty. People in need often do not get the medical attention they need. I personally know people who have said to my 'I dont have insurance to cover these treatments' and skip recommended treatments for their cancer. This is very unfortunate to hear. I have also heard the social workers at the hospital I go to tell these patients that there are special arrangements that can be made for people who's insurance will not cover their cancer treatments.

While I am all for health insurance for all, I also am not sure we would be better off with a national health care system. I used to travel to the UK on business frequently. I was not a patient in the health care system I heard about it from many. Everyone I knew paid for a private dentist because the national health care ones were awful. It took a long time to get an appointment in the national system.

One time, there was a major flu epidemic going on to the point that hospitals were overloaded. People's regularly scheduled surgeries were postponed because of lack of hospital beds. One woman was in the news because her cancer surgery was postponed four times due to lack of beds. When they could finally get her in, it was too late and there was nothing they could do. She was given only a few months to live.

I do think there needs to be a safety net so that those in need can receive regular checkups and can get the medical care they need. Poverty should not make people choose between food and medical care. This could mean life or death. The system needs to be changed.

Yesterday I had a long day and worked until 9 pm. Very late for me. Today I am tired. Partly because it took me a while to fall asleep and partly because I didn't sleep very well. This morning I have an interview where I need to be perky and wide awake. I think I will indulge in extra caffeine to get me through it.

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