Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let the countdown begin

This is very important. There finally, only ten days until the election. This means no more commercials, news blitz, etc. Yesterday I was watching the Weather Channel (I wanted to know when it would warm up so I could go for a walk) and there was a political ad on the Weather Channel. I am so sick of these.

I was pleased to note in today's paper that both McCain and Obama are running out of money. This is a good thing. It means that they will have to run fewer ads. We live in the bluest state. No republicans campaign here because they know they won't win so we are spared the worst of the ads. Unfortunately a neighboring state has a hotly contested gubernatorial race so we get to see all of their ads instead. I will work on suffering in silence for the next ten days.

In the meantime, it is important that we all do our best to help the economy, and the lobster industry. Apparently due to the economy, the demand, and therefore the price, of lobsters is at an all time low. Lobstermen are in very bad shape. Therefore, it is important that we all eat lobster. I think we will have lobster the is week to help. I saw lobster for $4.99/lb around here recently. Also, you can send a lobstergram, currently on sale for 50% off, to help this. And a portion of the sale goes to research to increase the sustainability of the lobster industry. So if we all eat lobster between now and the election, we can ignore all the pesky political ads and mud slinging with nicely filled stomachs.

Speaking of stomachs, about 25 miles from here, there was a news story about this guy who went to pick up some road kill, a domesticated farm pig that was hit by a vehicle on a local highway. Well it wasn't a pig, it was a 200 lb. wild Russian Boar. This guy now has lots of ribs, sausage, and pork.

I am attempting to provide distractions here from the political crap.

Anyhow, yesterday morning I woke up and decided the Yertle the Tertle/Lorax look was driving me up a wall. I called and got an appointment. I now no longer have curls sticking out sideways from my head. It is nice a straight. And the light brown color is returning (naturally - no chemicals for me) to my hair as well. This is very exciting. I just have to learn how to style it like the stylist did... There's always a catch to everything.

Also yesterday, the nice RCN man (as compared to the rocket scientist in their office), arrived early for his scheduled upgrade of our phone system so I had time to meet a friend for a walk. Mental note to self - if you haven't been there for a walk in a long time, take a few minutes to find a map and bring it. Also, look at the trails when you are walking so you don't end up walking away from the parking lot when you think you are walking back. No we didn't really get lost. We just went on a creative route.

Today I am going for a walk and then we plan on doing something fun. I am not sure what that will be but I am determined to have fun today.

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