Friday, October 24, 2008

They do this just to confuse us

First of all today is only 12 days from election day. 12 days until the political ads, mud slinging, photo ops, media blitz, and non-stop barrage onto us John Q Voting Public of the election. It will be over. To help ease this barrage, I suggest these two videos:

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

No they are not as humorous as the previous one by Paris but they are a nice distraction from everything else. Also, I love the wigs...

So we are now confused. We bought a new car in August. We based our decision on several factors including Consumer Reports and other references. And the fact that we liked the way it drove and could afford it. Then in today's paper, there is an article on best and worst new cars. The Nissan Versa sedan is the worst small car. Now we have the hatchback model but still. How did this happen?

Well I just did some research and found this on the CR website: "Nissan's entry-level car is available as a hatchback or sedan. It packs an impressively roomy rear seat, and the tall roofline allows easy access. ... blah, blah, blah... Reliability of the hatchback has been average, but the sedan is well below average."

Hmmm... now I am confused. Wouldn't you think if a car is made in a couple different shapes - hatchback and sedan - they would basically be the same car with a different body stuck on them? Well, I would think so but obviously in car manufacturing land, they may be totally different. Now you can see how I get confused so easily. Maybe blame chemo brain. (See I always can use this out.)

Yesterday was okay. I walked, worked, and came home. Going out plans were postponed. Today I have to work. Of all things - work from home. Yes real work. Flyer design and layout. And, then the lovely man is coming from the company of rocket scientists to install our new digital phone service. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience. He is due between 11 and 2. My bets is he will arrive at 1030 (and I will be just out of the shower or something) or he will show up at 4 pm. They do this and then they wonder why people are crabby to them. I also plan on returning to the gym this morning because my muscles aren't quite sore enough.

I also have made a decision (drum roll please)I am sick of waiting for my hair to get longer. I am going to get the curly crap on the ends cut off. I woke up looking like Yertle the Tertle again and my husband wants to take pictures of me like this so 'some day I can look back on this and laugh'. As soon as the salon opens this morning, I will call and beg for an appointment.

My new goal is to lose 15 lbs before my next annual physical with my doctor in April. This means changing eating habits so that I can lose approximately 2.5 lbs per month. This should allow me to fit into the entire closetfuls of clothes that I have in sizes which are a single digit. Then I can forget about shopping for more clothes. See there is another benefit here...

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