Thursday, October 30, 2008

Avoidance Day #6

Today's topic is movies. I admit I am not much of a movie fan in that I don't actually get to the movie theater very much. But I do watch movies on TV and on DVD. We have Netflix and use it regularly. Okay. I admit sometimes we are actually paying rent on the discs if they sit here for a few weeks. But we do eventually watch them and send them back. At some point I am sure we will get a DVR as well. (I don't mind the idea of a DVR, I just can't see paying a monthly fee for the service too. Call me cheap.)

The problem with going to the movie theater if you are used to watching from home - where are the bathroom and snack breaks at the theater? There aren't any. You are supposed to sit there the entire time without leaving your seat. I am spoiled. I watch from home and usually there is a commercial or you can press the pause button and come back. At the theater, if you leave and come back, everyone around you gets mad at you and gives you that 'angry glare' when the lights come back on at the end.

Another problem with going to the movies is the price. What is it now for a movie ticket - usually somewhere around $10 per person. Then add in two giant size beverages and a popcorn (whats a movie without popcorn?) and you are at $30 minimum for two. So much for a cheap date. (And why do movie theater beverages and food have to be in such giant size containers?) Then if you get your beverage at the beginning, you eventually need a bathroom break. And, blah, blah, blah as I already said.

However it is worth seeing some movies on the big screen. Jurassic Park when it first came out definitely needed to be seen in a theater for the full effects. It actually played in a local theater for about a year and a half, long after it was out on video. I always plan to go to the movie theater and end up adding my movies to my Netflix queue and watch them much later.

Yesterday I was relatively busy and over-scheduled. I did go into Boston for a good meeting and then got home around 630pm. for some reason I wasn't tired and stayed up a little late for me but this morning I slept in. Today I am less over-scheduled but still busy. I have to get my nails done and go to work in addition to going for a walk and working from home. Maybe next week I won't over schedule myself as much.
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