Thursday, January 15, 2015

Expanding my life

I have a job now where I work 15-18 hours/week. I have actually had it for what is closing in on six years. I really like my job except for one issue. The commute. 20+ miles on infamous Boston are highways with a solid selection of school buses on both ends. I have told my boss the only thing I don't really like about it is the commute so he could feel free to pick up and move the company ten miles south and I would be happier.

I used to work a second job where I worked closer to 30-35 hours/week total. After RA and fibromyalgia combined with evenings and weekends required for the second job, I had to leave it. I sometimes wonder if I found a job which was closer and flexible could I work more hours.

So periodically I take a look at local job openings. I actually applied and interviewed for one last fall which was one mile from home, walking distance for me on a good day. Then they decided they wanted someone full time instead of part time so that was that.

Yesterday I saw a job posting at a non-profit who's cause is close to my heart but its 20-30 hours/week and requires one day a week in the office downtown. I am not sure I am ready or able to commit to a new job which requires one day a week in the city and many more hours than I currently am working.

Then this morning I am more intrigued. I found another job that is 10 hours/week and looks that it is pretty remote. What if I could add a second job which is ten hours/week and has flexibility and does not require regular office time? Could I do it? Could I expand my life and my paycheck to take on another job? Sometimes I feel I spend too much time at home watching bad TV.

This requires more thought. And hope that my health will cooperate as well.

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