Sunday, January 25, 2015

Planning and travels

As my health deteriorates and we age, our planning for travel has changed. In the past, we would look for many adventures to do on our travels. The more remote the better because we could always tramp off in the woods for hours at the time.

I am trying to plan vacations for this year for us. Our first trip will take us to an island in Florida for our anniversary. This was chose because it is on the ocean and I can always find a lounge chair to spend hours gazing at the blue sea if I am not  up to much more. My husband can go bike riding while I work on my tan. Also it is walking distance to the beach so I can always head back for a nap on a comfy bed if necessary (if it doesn't involve loose sand).

Our next trip is a family vacation. We will have a bedroom which requires as few stairs as my octogenarian parents. And I can always admire the view from the top floor living room with a wrap around deck if I am not up to going off on excursions with the rest of the family.

Then we are planning a trip for just the two of us in September. Our requirements are not many:
  • wifi
  • queen or king size bed
  • waterfront with lounge chairs to view it from
We haven't figured out what state or country we are going to, never mind what else we are going to do. But we need the creature comforts. So that I can take it easy and get all my rest in. Actually so I can recover after adventures and not waste a whole day of vacation sitting around because I did too much the day before.

My goal is not to compromise on having fun but just learn to live with less fun than previously.

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