Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I have been watching the ABC Family show 'Chasing Life' since last summer. I don't really understand how they planned the season because it started maybe in June and ran for most of the summer and since then they had an episode in December and one in January. Finally, season one is over, I think. I did a search and learned that it had been renewed for a second season. Maybe that's why they held off on the last episodes of season one until they knew if they would have a second season or not.

Anyway, I watched the last episode night where I learned (spoiler alert) that April, the main character, is in remission with a 60% chance of the disease returning. See, with cancer there are no guarantees. It made me think.

If you have cancer, you analyze the statistics on recurrence and death until you are blue in the face. Then you discuss and dissect them with anyone you can. You tell yourself you are in the 'good' part of the percentages as in 'with a 70% fatality rate in the first five years'. You are clearly part of the 30% because you couldn't possibly be part of the 70%.

The only thing with cancer is that you know there are no guarantees. You can tell yourself anything you want but deep down you know the only thing that is certain is the 'uncertainty' of a cancer diagnosis.


Nancy's Point said...

Hi Caroline,
I didn't watch this particular show. How did you like it? Dear hubby and I watched most of the "Big C" starring Laura Linney. For the most part, I really liked that one, but it was clearly hard for dear hubby to watch this kind of show. His body language told me so much. And yes, the only thing that is certain is that 'uncertainty'. Yep, that's for sure.

Becky said...

You comment about the only think that is certain is uncertainty really resonates ... I have no statistics, but I also wonder if I did would they make me feel more comfortable? Or would it just add to the worry. The only statistic that matters is the one .. the rest are just numbers.

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