Monday, January 19, 2015

Other people's health

Sometimes my health does not take center stage in our house. Today is one of them. My husband is having a colonoscopy. He had a 'bad' one a few years back and now is on every three years. He spent a lovely afternoon and evening making little trips to the bathroom. But now he is sleeping and we will leave in an hour. I will bring a peanut butter sandwich he can snack on the way home.

Later today I will also call the vet. The cat has been looking a  little skinnier than usual recently. He did celebrate his 20th birthday (with extra treats) back in November. This is the equivalent of dealing with a 110 year old so we know he will not be around forever. However recently he has been exhibiting some fairly dire symptoms.

We are hoping for the best but not very optimistic. He was my chemo buddy. My husband got him shortly before we first met in 2002. He is an important member of the family.

Today I will be the caregiver for them both.

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