Thursday, January 29, 2015

My inner rebel is showing

I try to be a good patient. Really I do. I know I also can be trying. But I do believe in the importance of being a good patient. I don't know what the real definition of being a good patient is but these are my thoughts:

  • Showing up to all appointments, on time even
  • Taking medications as directed, not skipping doses.
  • Doing the follow up - whether PT, tests, etc
  • Heeding doctors orders - not drinking, eating right, exercise, etc
I don't think its that complicated but I know there are people who do not.

Many years ago I was told by my doctors my first cancer was under control but I should continue to take care of myself, blah, blah, blah. After some thought I decided that while I wouldn't 'play in traffic', I was going to enjoy myself. So I became a good patient and did what I was supposed to and went to doctor appointments and took my medication regularly.

Through all my medical stuff, I have continued to be a good patient all these years.

But my inner rebel is showing up. I look at my pill box and think 'what if I didn't take any of them? Would I implode or something?' Sometimes I am sick of being sick and being good. I want to take a vacation from everything.

I have the urge to do something crazy....  ride a real roller coaster instead of the eternal medical roller coaster. I am sure it would make my back  hurt for days but it would be fun.

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