Thursday, January 8, 2015

My day in the arctic chill

This morning it is a tropical -4F. A lovely morning indeed. I do not need to go to work. I get to stay mostly at home. But I am going to get a crown at the dentist this morning. Which is better? Going to the dentist when its below zero or staying home under a warm pile of blankets. Of course, I have to go out. Damn. I do not do well in cold weather.

I did fall earlier this week on the ice. Today I will wear my really fancy clothes. I have a giant puffy down parka that is rated to 50 below. Then I will strap on my winter hiking boots which are rated to 35 below. When I am done getting my teeth drilled, I get to go pick up a free sewing machine for some new crafts. I hope it isn't heavy because it is being left out for me and there won't be anyone to help me with it.

Finally, I will go purchase an old collapsible sewing table for my new-to-me sewing machine. This table is apparently about 30 lbs. I will leave it in the car until my husband gets home. Then it will be heavy and really cold. 

I posted on Facebook about feeling dizzy (and asked my mother not to read it but she did and commented on it) and the consensus is I should call my doctor about dizziness. I don't really want to but I will. This may mean another trip out into the arctic air again.

I really just want to stay home and play with my sewing machine. I have an idea for new crafts  using a combination of fleece pieces and yarn to crochet the fleece together with the yarn to make infinity scarves. And I can make mittens from fleece and can embroider those with flowers and things to make people think of summer.

That's what I'll do today - think of summer.

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