Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm still reading the news

I'm not glued to the health news in the search for the cure for cancer, and my other ailments, anymore. I had to take that step for my own sanity. But I still read the news.

For some reason, I am very intrigued by the surge in measles cases in California where unvaccinated students are being told to stay home. I just don't understand why some parents never got their children vaccinated. Why, why, why? The UK doctor who said that vaccines contributed to autism or whatever has since been debunked.

One of the parents of a child who is forced out of school for 21 days said that if any students do get measles during the forced home stay, her daughter will be forced to stay home for another 21 days. So the suspension could go on and on. And her daughter can't get a vaccine for another 30 days because she was exposed to the disease. So this could go on for months.

I never understood this whole anti-vaccination stuff anyway. I know there are people who do not believe in vaccinations or flu shots. But if you don't get a shot you can't expect that there won't be a price to pay. You could get the flu or measles or whatever, you might have to miss work or school, and people might want to avoid you.

To me this is the same as for anyone who doesn't follow traditional cancer or other treatment and expect their insurance company to continue to cover all tests and treatments.

If you don't go with the flow, you may find yourself left behind.


Becky said...

The biggest issue with those who can be vaccinated and choose not to is that they put at risk those who are physically unable to be vaccinated. Some people have medical conditions and allergies that prevent them from being vaccinated ... they get punished because perfectly healthy people choose not to ... and I think the insurance companies should start to penalize those who can be vaccinated but choose not to, cause they are putting other peoples lives at risk!

Caroline said...

Becky, exactly! My problem is the people who could be vaccinated and don't. This applies to flu shots as well.

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