Friday, January 23, 2015

My insides and retraining my brain

Do you ever give much thought to your insides? I mean your gut basically. My insides have been feeling out of whack for the past few weeks. I have been blaming my new rheumatoid medication which can have the lovely side effect of nausea.

Last night, we went to a comedy show in Boston, something we never do. I did research and found an affordable parking garage near the venue so we could just zip in and zip out. It was easy and convenient and one of the most vertical parking garages I have ever seen. It had 11 levels. Each level was probably 15 spaces long and 8 spaces wide with skinny little driving lanes - typical Boston.

When we left the concert, I was trying to get my phone turned on so I could figure out our way out of the maze of downtown Boston full of one way streets. My husband drove down the 6 tight floors of four turns each down to ground level. I felt nauseous after two minutes of that. My insides felt all shaken up.

We drove home and went to bed. My insides do not feel that great today either. Obviously it must be the car ride.

But with many ailments under my belt, so to speak, I am quick to blame medication so my brain doesn't have a chance to jump to any other medical roller coasters. I can live with that.

After cancer, our brains start to take every chance they can to head for the highway to hell. We need to outsmart them and divert them to some thing much less scary. I keep focusing on retraining my brain so I keep my sanity.

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Unknown said...

What's your med? Pt sounds more like you're pregnant but I know that impossible, Emily

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