Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Done crisping but not totally crispy

Well, now I am done with my daily visits to the crisper. However, the side effects occur in the two weeks following treatment so I will continue to get crispier. The last nine visits were for the boost focusing on the 'surgical cavity'. My skin and scar there have been fine but apparently the side effects will continue to worsen over the next few weeks. Things to watch out for including swelling, pain, peeling, weeping and oozing skin (doesn't that sound lovely), as well as the standard high fever, etc. I can't wait! At least I don't have to go there any more and have daily dealings with the @#&*$*(%@#$*(& parking lot. I really won't miss that.

Unfortunately I get to go back to Lahey today and tomorrow. Today for the follow up with the GI doctor and tomorrow to have my port 'dug out' (I just love that term, I am not sure I can use it enough). They promise they will use lots of lidocaine so it doesn't hurt but that term just really gets me - icky!

After that, I do believe I only have three doctor appointments in March. In April I currently have only two doctor appointments scheduled. I am sure that will change. I am just not sure what to do with all my free time. Gainful employment is the goal but that will take some time.

This morning however I don't have time to go to the gym. I am promising myself I will go for a walk later on, after the doctor's. And after I get blood work done for tomorrow's 'excavation'. I have to remember to stop at the blood lab before leaving. I think a big note to myself is helpful but will my tiny brain remember? I am not sure. I am working this morning so I actually have to motivate to take a shower and get moving.

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