Friday, February 15, 2008

So maybe we aren't very smart

Sometimes I think this is true. Earlier this week, I stopped by the mall and saw what I instantly thought of as the ultimate OMWAH mobile - a big 1980's Cadillac in pristine condition. When I told Walter about it, he said it sounded more like a pimp mobile - well, it did have fuzzy dice and a gold grill! Maybe I just can't tell the difference between the two.

Yesterday morning was trash day. We collected it all Wednesday night and Walter put it out before he left for work. I wondered when I went out why it hadn't been picked up and why none of our neighbors had their trash out. When I returned home and the trash was still sitting there, I realized that it was only Thursday. Trash pick up day here is Friday. Here you have it. Two blatant examples of lack of intelligence in one week. What is the world coming to? Perhaps I will just claim chemo brain. Walter's excuse is that he claims he actually listened to me for once (what a silly thing for him to do)!

I had my first ray gun crisping yesterday. They actually put an attachment (somewhat resembling a ray gun in a 1950's space aliens movie) on the big giant crisper to focus the beam into the smushed hexagon which was determined to be the appropriate shape to match up with the 'surgical cavity'. Then they lowered it down so it was almost touching my skin and then zap. Also only one dose from above as opposed to before which had two doses - one from the upper right and the other 180 degrees away from the lower left. Otherwise, everything else was the same. I think I was there for about 14 minutes total.

Now the cat still has me worried. He didn't eat his food again! He also didn't come sleep on us last night, which he sometimes doesn't do. However he didn't come up stairs in the morning when he heard us moving around and he always does that. He did beg for treats and try to sit on my lap (but I was eating a grapefruit and he hates citrus fruit so he went elsewhere to pout). I just don't understand this not eating canned food business. Its usually the high point of his day and he couldn't care less recently. Maybe he figured out we were out of dried food last week for a few days and he is trying to make up for this. I just don't understand him. He can be very weird (and I wonder why he just walked into my closet... is there something in there I should know about?).

Yesterday I was good and went to the gym. It was a bright sunny day but cold so I couldn't walk outside. Today is warmer but not sunny and I am meeting a friend for a walk. It will be nice to get some fresh air. I also have some work to do at home and then off to the crisper. The exciting life I lead (but perhaps it is all my tiny brain can handle)!

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