Sunday, February 10, 2008

To add insult to injury

In today's paper, there were coupons for both the nasty stuff I needed to buy to make the evil goo and for the cat food I bought yesterday. Why couldn't I have gotten them BEFORE I made those purchases?

Well, anyway the cat is much happier now. He still had food, he wasn't starving (he gets canned food and kitty treats in addition to his dried food). However, he likes his food dish full to the top at all times. He doesn't like it when it has an indentation in the food from where he has been eating. Its really bad if he can see the bottom of his dish! We need to flatten out his food several times a day to keep him happy. Yesterday, it was getting low and he could see the bottom every time he ate a few pieces. He gets most upset (translate that to becomes most annoying) when his food dish is low. Then I bought a giant 18 lb bag of food (for the 18 lb cat, it was much bigger than he is). I cut a hole in the corner to scoop some food out. Unfortunately he is scared of big crinkly bags (especially big trash bags, but he likes little plastic shopping bags... so he's weird) so he had to run out of the kitchen but immediately returned when he heard the magic sound of food going into his dish. All now has returned to perfection in his furry little world. Well, almost, I need to grow some more cat grass for him.

Otherwise yesterday I managed to completely tire myself out. I went for a walk, then met a friend for lunch, went shopping, went to the grocery store, and the farm stand. I came home and was completely wiped out. I did nothing for about 2 hours - well I sat in front of the TV in a daze.Then I returned enough to normalcy to make salad for dinner to go with the pizza we ordered. I was too tired to cook. So I overdid it. Well, I am allowed. I will probably overdo it again sometime soon. I get tired. When I get tired, I get cranky, crabby, and possibly whiney. Walter prefers it when I don't over do it.

Now about this crisping business. It occurred to me that I had crisping #22 on Friday. There are only 25 full crispings. That means I have three more to go. However then I start the boost crispings of which I don't know how many there are. I assume I will find out one Tuesday when I see the doctor after crisping #24. This is something they keep secret from patients to keep them on their toes - they don't tell you how many you get for the boost until you have started your full treatments. I asked at #14 and she couldn't tell me yet. I didn't ask at #19 because I forgot. But I definitely will ask at #24. What #22 really means is that I am almost 2/3 of the way. There will either be 33, 34, or 35 treatments total. After tomorrow, I will definitely be at 2/3 of the way. This weekend could be 2/3 but we don't know for sure yet.

Remember my road trip analogy from some time ago? Well, to fill you in, I am somewhere driving around the US on back roads, no interstates, getting lost and side tracked, having car problems, etc. Daily stumbling blocks with car issues, directions, etc. It is taking so long, I feel like when I finally get back, I may have been gone so long that things will have changed completely by the time I get there.

Today I am going for a walk again and possibly meeting a friend for lunch. Then I think I have to fold laundry. In an effort to avoid overdoing it, I have a scheduled watching a Netflix for the afternoon. But I will make dinner. Tonight - sea scallops with a very interesting dipping sauce - recipe from a friend.

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