Friday, February 1, 2008

Now its my doctor who is sick

Today's doctor's appointment was canceled because my doctor is out sick. They called at 7am to tell me this! I was quite surprised to have the phone ring THAT early but maybe they try to get people at home before they go out for the day. I have to call later to reschedule. Well, what that does is mess up my schedule. I had everything neatly scheduled to go to the library, a walk with a friend, doctor's apt, crisping (which was rearranged to coincide with the appointment) and then the all important manicure. Now I will rearrange everything to avoid little gaps. I can leave later and go for my walk, then the library, then crisping, and then manicure. Will I be more productive because I can leave later? No, now I just have more time for procrastinating on the computer.

Well, actually, its not my computer, its the Internet. The internet can be an amazing time suck. In website design and marketing, you want to get people to your website so you link to it, publish it, advertise it, and generally tell everyone to go there. Then you need to make your website 'sticky' so people stay on it and use it more. This is what makes websites such giant time sucks. How many times have you gone to a website for one little bitty thing and then the next thing you know you have book marked it, read a ton of things, signed up for regular emails, and possibly printed stuff out? That was a sticky website for you and sucked you right in. Not every website appeals to everyone but a good website, if it is of interest to you, will keep you there for days! Anyhow, that is the little marketing lesson for the day. A good example of a sticky website is It challenges the visitor and serves a good cause. Can you go there and leave again right away? There's a challenge for you.

Otherwise, yesterday's doctors appointment was fine. Apparently I am tolerating hormone therapy just fine. Some of the side effects will go away with time but I am on it for five years. The doctor says that by the time I go back and see him in three months my real hair will be as long as my wig is now! Well, I don't know about that but I will wait and see. He also claims that my missing toenails will return within six months. Hm. I am skeptical here. I thought it would be longer but again I am merely the patient and he is the one who has been to medical school and would know these things. I did have to deal with both the evil little parking lot (and won) and the giant parking garage. I saw several OMWAHs and even parked next to one (How do I know this if I didn't see them? It was a brand new, giant, two tone Lincoln town car.) I also had plenty of opportunity to catch up on my reading as I was at Lahey from 2 until after 5 pm. I had been meaning to finish that book for a long time so it was a good opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

As a future OMWAH, I have to protest your consistent age and gender bias. Also, your blog has had a much more positive tone lately - glad to see you past the chemo! Crisper is what percent done? Let's schedule that camping trip!

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