Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 in review

2009 has now begun so everyone must come up with their analysis of 2008 and their predictions for the new year. My 2008 was so so - I only had surgery once (which was an improvement over 2007 where I had two surgeries) but I did go through radiation. I only had a few billion medical tests as well. All that needs to come to an end. This job hunting stuff is getting old. I seem to have done it for the entire year and am still looking for more work. But this is part of the benefits of working for yourself - you always need to find more work.

2009 should be a better year. In addition to fewer doctors appointments, I want the following:

- more work - another 20 hour/week job would be great. Not full time work. I don't like that any more. I want flexibility and do the things I like too - volunteer work, etc.

- lose weight. Now I know that's not original. Probably 80% of Americans say they want to lose weight as part of their new years resolution but I am not claiming to be original just making a resolution here. I am not going to go on a 'diet' because diets don't work. If you want to lose weight you need to change how you eat and exercise more. Eat less + move more = weight loss that will stay off.

- get healthier. That could be tied to the lose weight business noted already and should surely result in the fewer doctor appointments (when you are healthy you don't have to go to the doctor for them to tell you that you are healthy - doctors just tell you when you are sick and how sick you are and what it will take to get better)

Okay, that's enough. Thats my big plan for 2009. If you want to read a humorous take on 2008, go check out what Dave Barry wrote.

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Debby said...

Caroline, I read your blog yesterday (the husband was watching football). I am at the half way point of my chemo right now. I'm dealing with the accumulated effects of the chemo, completely washed out, trying to keep myself on an even keel. It was very reassuring to read your blog, and describing your 'evil two year old twin' coming out. I felt much more normal, reading that. I think I've been doing good over all, but the juggling is getting a bit stressful. I have one big you still have 'sheep's butt hair' or did that settle down? I just gotta know. Sorry to be a pain!


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