Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glass half full or half empty?

Yesterday was a very up and down day. These things did not go right:

- I went to the bank to take care of two things and only could do one because I didn't have the right paperwork.
- I went to pick up my purse from being repaired and it wasn't ready (even though it was the day after it was supposed to be ready).
- I went to the consignment store to see if the clothes I had brought in had sold and they hadn't.
- I got a (very expensive) parking ticket (I was a tiny bit too close to a fire hydrant. My husband said I could fight it but I feel that it is just payback from all my years of quasi-legal parking spaces. His response was 'so its just karma?)
- A friend with breast cancer told me she is going in for a biopsy on Monday - a very BAD thing.
- I was cooking dinner (this is a tiny bit yucky) and a worm crawled out of the fish I was cooking. (Okay, really yucky. Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. We had chicken instead.)

On the other hand, my car passed its inspection after failing last month. That would have been really expensive. No, not the new car, my 9 year old Saturn with 129,000 miles on it that I want to last another five years or more. After everything else going wrong, I almost didn't try to get it inspected. Was it my day to have everything go wrong or was I due to have my luck change? Well apparently, my luck did change (until the fish incident).

Another good thing is apparently we are over our colds. This is a good thing because I am sick of being sick. I was getting to the very mature stage of 'if you ignore it, it will go away' treating a cold. (Sometimes this backfires and what you have turns in to pneumonia or something so its not really endorsed by the AMA as good medical treatment.)

Today I got up and cooked Walter breakfast. Why? Because I am a nice person (or at least wanted to appear that way)? No, because today is the day he is going to Army reserve drill for the last time and turning everything in. He has officially retired from the reserves now and will get a pension later as a result as he has his 20 years in. I figured as it was his last day I could get up and make him breakfast for once. Tonight we are going out to celebrate (or may stay in for pizza). He didn't want a big party so that will be our celebration.

Also today I am going to meet some friends for coffee and then another friend is coming over to go for a walk. We can walk on the bike path here all winter long, as opposed to icy, slippery sidewalks. The town we live in plows the bike path which is great for walking in the winter. But we live on the town line and the next town said 'what a great idea, we'll plow the bike path too' (and got some donations to pay for it even). But I think they have been a bit slow about plowing so by the time they get around to it the snow is packed down which means it is really slippery. We will go explore this and see if we can walk on pavement and not ice (much safer). They will need to plow again tomorrow because we are getting yet another snow storm tonight. Too bad I can't shovel snow. I will revert to my supervisory mode again.

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