Monday, January 12, 2009

I want to be whiney

I know some of you are saying 'well she's always whiny'. But no today I want to be whiney because I deserve a time to be whiny here. Yesterday I was whiny at home. My back hurt and wouldn't stop with advil so I took the opportunity to use some of the advice that was given to me to help with back pain and actually tried the ice route and it did seem to help. Except I hate using an ice pack in January. I am trying hard enough to keep warm and an ice pack counteracts my other efforts.

Yesterday I also tried snow shoeing. (No, it didn't make my back hurt. My back hurts all the time whether I do something or not.) It was actually pretty nice but showed how out of shape I am. So I am flabby, out of shape, and whiny. And my back hurts. What else can I whine about? I am sure there are other things.

Actually yesterday I was productive. I met a friend for coffee who is also a notary and got a bank form notarized that I have been putting off for a month or so. Today's big projects are to: 1. go to the bank and get some fancy stamp to change from my maiden name to my married name on some stock certificates; 2. go to town hall and change to my married name on our property deed; and 3. call the mortgage company about changing the mortgage to my married name. Considering we are approaching our fourth wedding anniversary, its about time I got around to these things. (Maybe I'll be whiny and productive at the same time.)

Today I will also go to work, work from home and go to the gym, or maybe a walk or a snowshoe... But that's basically what I do every day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Caroline, sorry to hear about your back. Right after I had a histo my back hurt horribly. Went the route with MRI etc..they finally determined I had a stress hairline fracture. You just had surgery...and what the two things have in common is they messed with stomach muscles. I went to a physical therapist, who did heat/ice therapy on me. They also set me on an exercise routine to build my stomach muscles back up. My back would go into spasms...gawd the took a month but no more pain...just a thought. Sheila

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