Friday, January 16, 2009

On using one's brain

Today my goal is to use my brain. Perhaps even all day. What's ironic is that most days I say to my husband as he goes out the door to work 'wallet, keys, brain cells?' as a reminder of the basic essentials necessary in life. I have not been using my brain cells. Here are some examples:

- We are experiencing a slight cold wave (today it was 1.9 degrees F). Last fall, I got an awesome deal on a heavy duty down parka. Have I been wearing it? No, I have been freezing in my regular winter coat. Yesterday I remembered to wear it. I now plan on wearing it every day until it gets warmer. It is almost too warm but I think I can deal with that. Its better than being cold.

- I will bring my sneakers to the gym with me. Last week I got to the gym and didn't have my sneakers and ended up pedaling on a stationary bike instead of using the treadmill. I thought I was a moron for that. Then yesterday I got to the gym and realized upon getting out of my car, I had forgotten my sneakers again. So I went home and got them and went back so I could use the treadmill.

- I will pay attention to the TV schedule. I raced home from the gym yesterday to watch the episode of Top Chef... They changed the schedule. Silly me assumed that if last week it was on at 11 on Thursday it would be the same this week. So I raced home from the gym to see the Real Wives of Orange County (or whatever its called). No I did not watch it. But then I found my Top Chef issue on last night while waiting for the last episode of CSI which was delayed because of the latest political speech but I didn't get to watch the whole thing because one channel changed their schedule by 15 minutes and the other channel didn't. A little consistency would be appreciated. Or perhaps I should just stop watching so much TV.

- We have a cordless phone with three hand sets. We mysteriously lost one for about a month... We finally found it stuck in the cushions of the arm chair in the living room.

- I will bring my reusable bags to the grocery store. Yesterday I ended up buying another one as I didn't have one with me...

See I clearly have no brain. Or maybe I just haven't been using it. I just have to remedy this by thinking.... Such a concept.

Yesterday I went to work and worked from home. Today I don't have to go to work but I will work from home, go to the gym and my parents are coming over for lunch. We might even go out for dinner tonight.

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