Monday, January 26, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

And it gives me something to think about besides my back. I was discussing this with a friend yesterday. In case you hadn't heard, there is giant peanut butter recall going on. It doesn't effect jars of PB that you get in the grocery store but does effect PB used in 'industrial' applications - like those nasty orange peanut butter crackers but also pet foods, etc. So I have some bird feeder 'suet' that is peanut butter based. Am I exposing the birds (and stupid squirrels that we can't keep away from the feeders) to salmonella? How would one tell if the birds had salmonella? Can they get salmonella? (I am less concerned about the stupid squirrels who insist on stealing the bird food. They are the earth bound equivalent of the sea gulls who steal food on the beach.) And if the birds did get salmonella could this evolve into a weird bird peanut butter salmonella that can cross species and get in to the human food supply? Or is my brain just really totally gone (that is assuming I had a brain to begin with)? Anyway, are you curious now too?

In the meantime back at the ranch, my back decided to be relatively good yesterday. It didn't hurt until I washed the dishes. Lesson learned: never wash dishes again. It causes back pain. My husband disagrees with this one. He says I should be able to wash dishes again. There is no proof that dish washing is what caused my back pain simply because the pain occurred while washing dishes.

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch but also took the opportunity to view a little spring time. There used to be a big flower show in Boston every winter but I think its canceled this year. To get my own mini version I went to one of the giant gardening centers near here and walked around the green house for a few minutes to admire the plants and breathe all the chlorophyll filled air. Ever notice how the air in green houses seems to be extra refreshing?

I made a big pot of chili last night. My husband's office is having a chili cook-off later this week. He has entered it but thinks I should make the chili. My response is we will make the chili. Yesterday was our practice batch. We will make the real batch Wednesday night. It was actually pretty yummy but now we will have lots of chili in the freezer to eat later on.

Today I am meeting a friend to do some snow shoeing along the river. A co-worker told me about this place and it sounds quite nice. As long as it warms up from the tropical 9 degrees we are currently experiencing (and my back decides to behave) snow shoeing sounds quite nice. Maybe I'll even bring my camera. This is a clear case of avoidance. Why think about my back when I can practice avoidance again? I am getting good at this avoidance thing. (But not as good as Governor Blagojevich who is going to skip his own impeachment trial. That goes right to the top of the list of key avoidance exercises.)

However today's big goal is to stay up late. I have to go to my MRI at 10pm. I expect to be home by midnight. The only problem with this is I never stay up that late. I think I will plan a little nap in the MRI.

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