Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Was Very Daring

Well, I was very daring for me. I can be a chicken. Yesterday it was VERY snowy (and then it turned to rain and froze so today its just plain ice) and I wanted to get some exercise so I walked to the gym. I have to note I have been lazy recently and driven the 0.1 miles to the gym several times. Since it was blizzarding, I didn't want to drive so I walked in the snow the whole distance. Then I actually used the machines at the gym. This was brave and daring because what if it made my back hurt? Well, I have meds for that now so I am less concerned.

In talking to the doctor about how my core muscles are probably weak and that is causing the back pain now, I started thinking (something I should never do according to my husband). In the past two years, every time I had surgery I would stop working out and just walk so perhaps this is why my 'core' is weak and my back hurts. Last summer at the gym, they rearranged the machines in the women's gym when they put in new carpeting so I changed my little circuit from four machines to three machines because they put one on the other side of the room and I was lazy. The machine I was omitting was the one for lower back. I thought perhaps I should return to my normal pre-surgery work out and see how that goes. So I was brave and daring and used all four machines and then waited for my back to start hurting. I figured the worst it could do was start hurting like any other day. It didn't! Yippee. (But now it does because I picked up the crock pot with the chili in it.)

My goal now is to go to the gym three times a week and do the little circuit of the four machines. Well, that is my plan but I can't go today because I dont have time and I don't want to work out two days in a row. I might be able to go tomorrow but am not sure. I can go Saturday and Sunday but that would be two days in a row. Monday yes, Tuesday, no, Wednesday, no. Thursday through Sunday we are away. Okay, so yesterday, Saturday, Monday, and then we'll see.

So yesterday we had this big storm of nastiness all day long and today is the chili contest at my husband's office. We (and I mean both of us - I browned the meat while he shoveled snow and then he did all the rest including chopping onions) made chili. He now has it in a big container and will put it in the crockpot when he gets to work to simmer all morning. There are eleven entries into the contest, too bad he works on a military base and I can't stop by to try some of the others!

Today I have a busy day. Who me? Overscheduled? Impossible! I have to write a press release for volunteer work, meet a friend for coffee, meet another friend for a walk, and go to work at 1pm. Can I fit everything in? Maybe, maybe not.

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