Monday, January 19, 2009

A system that works

I have proof that a system is working. I was told for every reusable shopping bag put into use, it prevents 1000 plastic shopping bags from being made, used, and thrown away. I used to have millions of plastic shopping bags around. Every trip to the store would result in more. No matter what I did, I always had tons of them. Now I ran out. Yes, I ran out of plastic shopping bags.

I switched to the reusable bags last year and haven't been getting the plastic ones as a result. They are useful even if they stick around in landfills for thousands of years. We use them for used kitty litter for one thing. I currently need some to pack up some books I am taking to the used book store. I will have to find something else to use. (Or i can continue to walk around the big pile of books on my office floor.) That might be a project for today.

Another project for today is to write the script for my back doctor to follow tomorrow. There are some things he is allowed to say - tests, exercise, physical therapy, pain relief. But there are some things he is not allowed to say - cancer, surgery, continual pain, no more sports. I need to have some crib notes ready to give him so he doesn't say the wrong things. (Breaking in new doctors can be difficult and time consuming.) However, a friend of mine has gone to this same doctor for her back and she says he tells it like it is, doesn't beat around the bush. I can deal with that. I also need to update my 'little' list of my medical history, drug allergies, and medications taken for him as well. Every doctor visit, especially a new doctor, turns into a project.

A project for today for my husband is to shovel us out again. We shoveled yesterday. Actually, I started shoveling and was redirected to the snow blower (he conned me, he told me it was fun). It wasn't that bad but it is a little, lightweight electric snow blower that now I can say I know how to use. I will let him use it today. So yesterday, we were expecting 3-6" of snow. We shoveled twice because we got more like 10". Overnight we were supposed to get another 1-3". This morning it doesn't look like we shoveled at all yesterday because we got another 6" or so. I haven't been outside yet but you can't tell we shoveled yesterday at all. My supervisory skills will be used quite a bit today I can tell, while I am not snow shoeing.

Yes we went snow shoeing yesterday when it was snowing the hardest. It was nice to get outside. Today I will go again. My back didn't hurt any more than it has been after snow shoeing so I might as well be doing something I enjoy.

Otherwise, I don't have a lot of plans for today. Maybe I'll make some whole wheat banana bread out of my gushy bananas.

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