Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its a good thing we have calendars

I woke up this morning and started thinking about my day and what I need to do. I have work to do, want to go to the gym, and then am going to work. I also want to call the mortgage company and see what it takes to change from my maiden name to married name on the mortgage (any bets that either it will take an hour on the phone or that it isn't possible - like any mortgage company they are just cranky to deal with). Then I go sit down at my computer and start my normal time wasting - playing computer games, facebook, other online communities.

Voila I look at my calendar and I have an appointment to get my nails done. This means I have to stop wasting time already and get my act in gear so that I can get everything done I need to before 1130 am. The pressure mounts. (And the cat doesn't help as he insists on sitting on my lap between me and the keyboard to help me type.)

What I really need to do is look for a job - another part time job. There are all sorts of interesting jobs out there (and I am not making these up):

- Marketing assistant for a balloon artist - I didn't apply because I know nothing about balloon artistry and hate listening to balloons pop.

- PR for a burlesque troupe - it would mean working evenings

- Penmanship tutor for young professional - I failed handwriting in 3rd grade so I don't think I am a candidate here.

- WREHOUASE PROFESSIONAL - if they can't spell, I don't want to work for them. Not that I consider this type of work a career path for me either (you know my back stuff might be a conflict).

In addition to these, are all the usual sperm donors wanted, egg donors wanted, unpaid internships, 'recession proof entry level jobs at international non profits', etc. You can see the job market is just flooded with up and coming openings. I am sure I can find something that fits my skills. Actually I have applied to a few openings and am waiting to hear back. The interview I had before the holidays said they wouldn't know for a while so I can't call them to follow up for another week or two. In the meantime, I supposed I should get my work done here so I can go to the gym and then go to work, after my nails. (Life is so complicated sometimes.)

Otherwise, my back has chosen not to hurt so far today so its off for a good start. Let's see how long this lasts. But when I get my nails done (not that I am dwelling on this - what colors should I do?), the salon has one of those heat/massage chairs that I get to sit in for an hour (suffering silently of course). Sometimes I am concerned that my back will decide to miraculously heal itself before I get to the specialist. (But then it usually decides to speak up and make my life difficult again.) But what if I do get to the specialist and say - 'well it stopped hurting last Tuesday so I don't think there is anything wrong with it.' That would be a big fat waste of time. However my husband has pointed out that I might be a tiny bit stressed because I seem to be 'cooking up a storm' (his words) which is apparently something I do when stressed. Yesterday I made pumpkin sage biscuits in the morning and then cauliflower casserole for dinner... Not sure what I am making today but I will eat left overs.

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