Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heat and ice

Here in Boston, it is winter. It is cold. Today is especially yucky with a nice freezing rain on top of an inch of new snow creating a lovely glaze over everything (very conducive to staying inside). Yesterday I was told by some friends I should try to put ice on my back to help with the pain when it is bad. I'm sorry but ice packs do not belong on people in Boston in the winter. If you need ice, there is plenty outside. I prefer hot packs

Last night I opted to go with the hot pad route again. We have a buckwheat filled pillow that we put in the microwave and it stays nice and warm. Well, smart little chemo brained me listened to my husband and put it in for four minutes. Apparently this was too long as it was too hot to touch and smelled like cooked buckwheat (not the optimal result here). So I let it sit out and cool off for about 15 minutes before trying it. It was nice and warm and then instantly moved to the too hot category. So I moved it and found that it had made a very hot place on my pillow as well which was too hot to lean on. Very complicated this hot cold business. Which one to use, how not to be too cold or too hot.

In the meantime, in addition to back pain, I have a cold. Yes, the basic all American common cold (that they don't have a cure for just like cancer). Okay, I am whining. I am allowed to whine. Here's my list of reasons for whining today: my back hurts. I have a cold. The cat insists on helping me type by sitting on my lap. There is an ice storm going on making it very slippery out. I can probably add more but I think that's enough for this early in the day (and I didn't even include the cancer business or post surgery abdominal pains).

Anyway, yesterday I went to the gym and worked from home. Then a friend had an errand in the neighborhood so I met her for lunch before going to my support group. Rather productive. Not necessarily restful. My husband thinks I should stay home all day so I get better. Well, that is boring. It might make me whinier. I was going to meet a friend for coffee today but due to the lovely weather conditions perhaps we will reschedule for tomorrow.


Susan said...

I think breast cancer makes you age faster...after years of bursitis in my hip, an MRI revealed I have full blown severe osteoarthritis. My orthopedic doctor told me I would let him know when I need a hip replacement. Not anytime soon, buddy!

I stopped getting colds and sinus infections when I moved to Florida, but I was "blessed" with a bad cold and sore throat before Christmas. I told my sister, "I never get sick!" Then I remembered..."umm, I just get the big things, like cancer."

Ever forward.

Robin said...

Hi Caroline -- Here is an idea. Open NETFLIX on your computer and watch a couple free episodes of 30Rock. It is hilarious and will take your mind off this yucky weather and the sore back.
Robin T.

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