Saturday, January 31, 2009

Aggravation and the return of brain cells and other things

Yesterday, call me slow, I received an appointment list in the mail from the hospital giving a list of my upcoming (and last week's) appointments. I thought about it and realized that my physical with my primary care physician had disappeared from the list. I checked and realized it disappeared from the appointment sheet probably in December - and I never noticed until now. So maybe I am slow.

Anyway, I called and was told yes your appointment was canceled due to a scheduling change by the doctor. I can understand this. These things happen. What I don't get is the following:

- They never rescheduled the appointment. They told me they only deal with cancellations about a month or two before they were supposed to occur.
- The doctor is booked until August and they can't schedule August appointments until Monday because that is February and they book six months out.
- So, if they didn't deal with my cancellation until March - the month before - would they be rescheduling me for September?

I tried to communicate this to the woman on the phone and she said 'dont shoot me, I'm only the messenger. They (the doctors) change their schedules and we (the phone people) take the heat for this.' Well that helped a lot. Of course you take the heat if you don't reschedule people for cancellations when they happen. Anyway, I got a few hours of sleep on Thursday night so I was nice and aggravated and very 'pleasant' on the phone. Monday I will call back and sort it out.

In the meantime, last August I reported losing all kinds of things and they have been reappearing. The missing down comforter was at the cleaners under someone else's name, the missing hydration pack was in the basement, and my missing yak traks were hidden in the closet and I found them yesterday. This is very important as locally, we are living on a glacier with glare ice everywhere. If only I could find my brain cells. Then I would be happy.

Today I am off to be educated on how to be a good volunteer for the American Cancer Society in a three hour training session this morning. Actually I think it will be interesting. But I could have slept late today. Perhaps crabbiness will reappear. These days my husband is quick to point out the return of the crabbiness. My back only hurt a little last night so I did sleep a fair amount which helps this situation.

A friend is also coming over for a walk on the bike path which was plowed after the last storm. But then it rained and froze and the portions of it in the shade are skating rinks. Yesterday I tried walking and nothing like water on top of ice to make things interesting. This made me determined to find the yak traks. Brain cells, where are you?

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Judie said...

Ok - I'm asking for all of us who don't know...what are yak tracks??

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