Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another day of back pain

This is very frustrating. I go for PT today (after a job interview) and originally we had said that perhaps I should go back to the pain clinic after my next scheduled PT next Monday but I am not sure I want to wait. I don't get to sleep all night. Try that and keep a smiling face going all day long! Its not easy. Crabbiness lurks. Continually. Most aggravating.

Now the cat's eye still looks like it has a giant blood clot or something floating around in it. But he is eating, drinking and otherwise acting like a normal cat. The alarm clock went off this morning so he jumped on the bed and stood on my husband to reinforce the fact that he wanted to be fed. This is normal cat like behavior. I don't know. I'll wait another day before calling the vet.

But yes I did sneak it in I have a job interview this morning for a small company that wants a part time marketing director. I'll go give it a shot and see what they have to say. Job interviewing is a two way street. Not only do they have to like me and want to hire me but I also must want to work there. When I see a job posted, I check out the company too. There's the basic stuff like is it geographically convenient and what does their website say about them. If they are not up to snuff, I don't want to work there. I won't even apply. But once you go on an interview, what if they are morons, or they don't understand what marketing can do for them, or many other things. Anyway, I'll go see what they have to say because I still haven't heard back from my interview last week.

Today I am not overscheduled. I am just busy. There is a difference. I have to go to my interview, come home, go for my walk, then PT, and then work. Then home around 7. That is not over scheduled as I am not expected to be in two places simultaneously. The only potential problem is if the interview lasts too long and I don't have time for the walk I want. Spring is now here and outdoor walks are important. Yesterday I went for a walk with a friend right before going to work and I really didn't want to go to work afterwards. It was nice a warm out, sun shining. The kind of day to play hooky and stay outside. In the meantime, its breakfast time and maybe I have more flowers blooming outside.

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