Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another good news/bad news kind of day

I woke up and felt generally okay. My back was achy but not too bad. I went to the gym and used the treadmill and did my exercises. Came home. The vet came (kitty is too much of a weinie to go in the car so she comes here) and said his eye is much better and we can cut back the eye drops to daily instead of twice daily. His eating and drinking so much is a side effect of the steroid shot he got two weeks ago and the steroid eye drops and it should begin to taper off. We shouldn't be worried about it, unless he continues to eat and drink (like a pig) and then loses weight. Currently he is gaining weight - Mr. Pudgy Wudgy.

Then my crocuses started to bloom.

And a second bud appeared.

Then I decided to take a quick run to Costco to get a few things. Mainly to pick up the replacement sunglasses I ordered. Due to poor planning on my part, I didn't bring a bag or pay attention to how far I would have to carry stuff to my car because I parked at the bottom of the stairs. I said I can do it. Well. I did. I shouldn't have. My back hurt last night again. Grr. Triple grr. Triple, triple grr.

But then I went to my volunteer training a the Hope Lodge in Boston. It was very cool. The training was interesting. We got a tour. And there were snacks. And then I got a ride home.

I started to cook dinner and realized that the cat now has a giant bloody area in his eye - that was just cleared by the vet. I have a call into her but this is a new development. He is acting normal - begging for food and treats, watching the bird feeder, being a pain in the butt - but his eye does not look good. Neither of us are having a good morning. I will see what the vet says when she calls.

Otherwise, I will worry about back pain and cat eyes and go about my busy day. I am meeting a friend for lunch and a walk and then going to work and then meeting another friend for dinner. Lots of food involved in my day. And socializing. (Does this mean I have a life? Probably not but I am trying.)

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Debby said...

Boy, chronic pain would make it hard to keep your perspective on anything.

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