Friday, March 6, 2009

Instability or PT # 4

No I don't have a mental instability. I have a back instability. (I admit I came home and told my husband I have an instability and he couldn't stop laughing - thank you for your support 'dear'.) Anyway, so at PT yesterday I talked to the therapist. She said that we now finally have seem to gotten to a group of exercises which seem to be doing something for me. My back is unstable - which is why it is different or inconsistent at every visit. We are trying to stabilize it. I will continue to go to PT for two visits next week and then one visit a week for the following three weeks and then go from there.

She did clarify one issue. I thought my choices if PT didn't work were - cortisone shot, surgery or back brace and would start with cortisone. She explained that if I was referred to the spine pain center, they would go through a comprehensive set of diagnostics there (and I am beginning to feel like a car in the shop) and then make recommendations and not necessarily for any of those three. It would depend on what they find. In the meantime, I am doing my exercises and continuing my daily walks - I was told that the worst thing I could do for my health would be to stop walking regularly. (Tomorrow we might even walk on the beach because it will be 60 degrees - but there will be snow drifts so no swimming or wading.)

Otherwise, yesterday I had a long day. It started with a 7 am conference call and I got home from work at 630 pm. Today I get to be lazy for an hour or so (read that as waste time on the internet) and then will do some work, have a conference call, meet a friend for coffee, and go back to Trader Joe's for the things I forgot to buy yesterday because I didn't bring a list - crackers and shampoo. Just another little perk from chemo brain - daily trips to the store for the stuff you forget because you can't remember it long enough to write it down.

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