Friday, March 13, 2009

Mail order prescriptions

There is this great new invention where you can order your prescriptions by mail and they send them to you. This means you do not have to deal with any 'rocket scientists' at the local pharmacy check outs and wait in lines to drop off your prescription and then to pick it up. You simply need to remember to log on to your computer at the right time and then they show up in the mail.

Back up. What's wrong with that sentence? The key word is REMEMBER. I have chemo brain. I can't remember. For two weeks now, I have meant to refill my prescription so I would get the refill before I run out of my cancer prevention Tamoxifen - something that is near and dear to my heart here. First of all I have to remember to go to my computer. Then I have to remember my user name and password. Then I log in and do I want to refill both prescriptions but they will send me one now and one in a month? Or do I want to remember to do that again in a month. So complicated... Using my brain... That is the problem.

So yesterday I had all sorts of fun and games rescheduling my doctor's appointments. First I call the surgeon's office and get scheduled with him and cancel the radiation oncologist follow up. But she can't reschedule the rads onc because that is outside her department so she offered to transfer me to the right department. But she sent me to the medical oncology department (unless you have had the joys of cancer, you probably didn't know there are many kinds of oncologists). Hang up, call back, get the right department, give them my clinic number (which is the medical version of your social security number) which the receptionist gets wrong and thinks I am a man named Blaine... Start over and finally it is rescheduled.

Now my calendar looks like this: full physical in April, mammogram and surgeon follow up in May, radiation oncologist follow up in August, medical oncologist follow up in November. What is wrong with this picture? What happened to June, July, September and October? What? Maybe I don't have to go to the doctor in those months? What will I do with my time? That's right I am supposed to get a job or something... As long a my back stops hurting and I stop getting tired, gainful employment of more than 20 hours/week is for me.

Otherwise, today is another overscheduled busy day. Just like yesterday. And I overslept. Yes that is right I slept late which is very good considering my back has been keeping me up and night and we are going out tonight. Sleep is a good thing. But since I slept late, I am getting a late start to my day. So time to get moving.

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Debby said...

But Bernie Madoff is in prison. Perhaps this will make your day a little better! It improved my disposition considerably...

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