Monday, March 2, 2009

Brain cells wanted!

On Saturday (and its taken me until Monday to remember to write about it), we went to see our tax preparer, run some errands and go to lunch. We even had a list of errands to run - grocery, library, bookstore, etc. We were in the center of town walking around and my husband reminded me that I had also wanted to go to the consignment store to see if anything I had brought in had sold. I had forgotten about that and hadn't brought the receipt I needed so we couldn't go. I have no brain cells. We then had a discussion on how to retrieve brain cells. I think that right up there with curing cancer and the common cold should be research on a way to recover our missing brain cells (and all the missing socks that get lost in the laundry). The really sad part is that I can't remember what I had forgotten for days! I am brain-less.

Yesterday, we didn't do much. I went to the gym. It snowed most of the day but we really didn't get much. It is still snowing and will continue most of the day with the worst part this morning. Darn, and I can't shovel snow. I am so upset (NOT)! I am going to make Walter a nice breakfast so he is well fed before he goes out into the storm to shovel. Then maybe later I will go snow shoeing. It seems kind of silly to snow shoe to the gym to walk on the treadmill when I could simply snow shoe outside.

This is one of those days where school is canceled everywhere (which means I don't have to go to work). Non-essential state employees are told to come in at noon and basically they want everyone to stay off the roads. I can see the main road from here and it is completely snow covered and the plow just went by. However I do have lots of work to do from home which will keep me busy. I have to write two press releases and design three brochures. Otherwise, I think I'll stay here and drink herbal tea all day.

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